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Belgravia Foundation Aotearoa recognises that in diverse communities across the nation, different needs and priorities exist. Within our regions of focus, we will support those who have encountered barriers to participation in its many forms through local community engagement, partnership and collaboration.   

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Community Engagement

Through a community engagement approach, the needs and priorities of people who have been missing out will be identified and addressed through the resources and support of Belgravia Foundation Aotearoa. The outcomes of our work in the different regions will therefore be quite different as we respond to the unique needs of each. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • people of cultural and linguistic diversity 

  • people living with a disability 

  • people experiencing mental health concerns 

  • people in financial distress 

  • LGBTQIA+ communities 

  • Māori 

  • older adults 

  • youth 

  • people who have been affected by family and domestic violence 


Our delivery partner Belgravia Leisure manages sports, aquatics, fitness, recreation, health and leisure facilities. All of its year round locations have Access and Inclusion Co-ordinators supported by Belgravia Foundation Aotearoa. The Access and Inclusion Co-ordinators are tasked with engaging with the local community, identifying needs and opportunities, and coming up with solutions to enable stronger access to those in greatest need.  

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Mt Albert  

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Arvid Ditchburn
Director & Operations Manager


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