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Belgravia Foundation Aotearoa Partners with Leading New Zealand and Australian Leisure and Sport Org

In New Zealand, nearly 1 in 4 adults experience poor mental well-being (Gov Stats NZ, 2020). Unfortunately, experts are predicting a profound rise in community mental health concerns due to COVID-19, including among young adults – those people who make up the bulk of the work force in leisure facilities in New Zealand.

Since early 2020, COVID-19 has dramatically and adversely impacted the leisure and community sport sectors through closures, job loss, loss of volunteers, salary reductions and reduced contact with others and support networks, placing people connected with these sectors at increased risk of experiencing mental health complications or hurdles. |

In response to the impact of COVID-19, Belgravia Foundation Aotearoa and Belgravia Foundation (Australia) have partnered with five leading leisure and community sport sector organisations in New Zealand to provide a free online Mental Health eLearning Program (MHeLP) developed under guidance of international experts.

Through the support of Recreation Aotearoa, AUT Millennium, Drowning Prevention Auckland, New Zealand Register Exercise Professionals, and Swimming New Zealand, MHeLP provides a tailored eLearning program for the New Zealand and Australian leisure and community sport sectors to equip workers and volunteers with strategies to support their own and others mental health.

MHeLP is completely free, online, self-paced, and evidence based – ideal features for a much needed resource to support the mental health of workers and volunteers in the leisure and community sport sectors. Participants can undertake the program when it suits them, in line with their schedules, and of those who have undertaken the program, approximately 1 - 2 hours is required to complete MHeLP. Evidence has confirmed the impact on leisure and community sport sector personnel. Across New Zealand, 112 people have completed MHeLP with data highlights including an improvement of:

  • 16% in knowledge and understanding to recognise their own and others’ mental health;

  • 27% in knowledge of local support networks and organisations that could assist with mental health concerns; and

  • 13% in confidence and readiness to support a customer or community member, experiencing a mental health condition

MHeLP is available now through Belgravia Foundation Aotearoa, at

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